Welcome to CyberWatch!

CyberWatch is a free tool from the Ogden Police Department. It was originally started in Memphis, TN in 2008 and today has a growing user base of over 30,000 members. CyberWatch is a unique crime fighting tool, in that it pushes information out to the registered users, instead of just offering another website where citizens can view pins on a map. If you are looking at crimes on a map, something has probably already happened to cause you to focus on crime. With CyberWatch, the information is sent to the registered users, each day, so they can be aware of the things that are happening within their neighborhood, without having to remember to check the local crime statistics. Many Neighborhood Watch groups use CyberWatch as their baseline of information, then distribute to their members for discussion on particular patterns of crime within a small geographic area. CyberWatch users are also provided links to facilitate reporting information on various crimes, as well as links to other resources. Emails are directed to the Real Time Crime Center for further investigation and/or redirection to the proper investigators. Help keep your neighborhood safe, join CyberWatch today!


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Some comments from users of CyberWatch:

"Since cyberwatch I know that issues in or around my neighbor hood are being dealt with and feel more secure. But more than that I can watch for my own security knowing what areas are being targeted. I watch more closely at my surroundings and feel that CyberWatch is the best thing to ever to keep my family informed. Please keep up the good work and thanks again for helping us in such a positive way!! "

"CyberWatch has allowed me to be more aware of the crime in the area that I live in. It has informed of sex offenders in the area as well as other crimes that may occur that are not announced on the news, newspaper, and radio. The information that I receive allows me to be in the know."

"The CyberWatch is very helpful for me. Neighbors told me about it a year or two ago and my neighbors and I (and family) discuss the contents of the emails to make sure we are aware of what is happening in our area. Keep up the good work and service to the community! Thank you!"